[AusNOG] NBNCo releases its response to industry consultation

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When the minister made his announcement on 7 April 2009 I asked him on this
specific point and he confirmed that the NBN would be connected to homes
regardless of whether they took a retail service or not. I suggested that
this was a fairly effective way of putting Telstra in its place and he
agreed with my sentiment.

On querying this, he suggested it was something to do with delivering the
type of trans-sectoral e-health and e-learning services that were being
talked about. I wrote about this the next day and in a column opined it was
a very radical departure from the norm in telecoms - that you would be able
to access services on a network without paying for them (ie it might be paid
for by medicare or your school or whatever). No one from the minister's
office ever complained to suggest we had misrepresented him.

So while I see what you are saying here, it appears there has been a change
of policy or a disconnect in intention at some point. There has been an
assumption to date that connections would take place as the network rolled
out to the street not when a retail service provider placed an order.

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