[AusNOG] NBNCo releases its response to industry consultation

Brad Gould bradley at internode.com.au
Thu Mar 25 16:54:02 EST 2010

> Most of Adelaide's suburban ADSL2+ services share a backhaul network
> that is largely overhead, and in the 5 years it's been active I'm not
> aware that there's ever been a failure related to a physical cable
> fault. 

We had a mid-span fault on NYE.  Single core failed in a multicore bundle, no obvious outside sheath damage.

Also a burning (arson) tree has melted an overhead span in Victoria.

I have no idea of the relative merits of either method (overhead or duct) statistically - failure per km of fibre per year.

(We've also lost fibre in ducts).


This may be attributable to SA's use of concrete stobie poles
> for power that are extremely resistant to collision. Failures have
> occurred far more often in switching software or ironically in the
> power to the equipment located at electrical substations.
> Vehicles in Australia are limited to 4.3m in height - unless the guys
> doing the new installs are subjected to the same lack of training that
> has resulted in dodgy ceiling insulation around the country recently
> (not an impossible scenario given that some of these people are out
> looking for jobs right now..) it's going to be difficult for trucks to
> hit it.
> Current copper overhead lead-ins are often reconnected when they
> succumb to gravity, resulting in physical defects in the line. A
> connectorised fibre lead-in is likely to be entirely replaced in a
> similar situation - increasing the cost for the fix, but providing a
> more reliable outcome over the life of the service.
> John Edwards
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