[AusNOG] NBNCo releases its response to industry consultation

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Thu Mar 25 15:23:55 EST 2010

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> Using PON is a bit short sighted.

Why is that?

It is power efficient ( less green house emmissions for the true believers)
It can deliver 1Gb or more symentrical connections
It can do L2 or L3

I often see the argument against PON but I rarely if ever see reasons why, I 
would be interested to see the reasons why

> If you're going to spend the money to roll out a nationwide network, you 
> might as well only do it once.

The cost of  point to point would make an already dubious business plan even 
less affordable.

The biggest cost is not so much the cable as the duct access.  In brownfield 
deployments that can be very high.  $70 per meter is not out of the 
question.   Duct access at $6 to $8 per year can add up to.   If you put it 
on power poles then fine, but expect long delays when trucks trees and wind 
bring it down as will happen.



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