[AusNOG] Best VPN Appliance

Dawood Iqbal dawood_iqbal at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 18 21:18:05 EST 2010

Hello All,


Thank-you all for reply and sugessting the VPN Box.

I'm in the process of evaluating different boxes and they are;


SA4500 SSL VPN Appliance



Barracuda SSL VPN




FirePass SSL VPN



The problem i'm facing so far is MAC OS X compatibility. The demo box i 
had for Juniper was not able to run Network Connect on MAC OS 10.5.8.


From your experience from F5, Juniper and Barracuda, which one will be 
best in terms of;


1) Support

2) Resiliency 

3) Security

4) Scalability

5) Manageability


Thanks for all your help.



Dawood Iqbal 		 	   		  
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