[AusNOG] Datacom Global Center Negligence / Class Action

Datacom Lawsuit datacom.lawsuit at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 14:29:40 EST 2010

At 4:15pm On Saturday the 6th March Datacom GlobalCenter in Melbourne was
hit with a massive outage that lasted more than 12 hours due to flooding and
subsequent loss of power. In addition customer racks suffered power spikes
causing massive equipment failure.

IT News story at:

We are in process of gathering evidence for a class action lawsuit against
Datacom. Anyone who would like to participate in the class action should
contact datacom.lawsuit at gmail.com

We are also calling for immediate dismissal of data centre manager Stephen

Apologies for the anonymous nature of this email but we do not want to be
identified until we have processed and gathered all the related evidence for
the lawsuit.
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