[AusNOG] Lundy vs Conroy on the filter

ComKal Networks admin at comkal.com.au
Wed Feb 24 12:58:16 EST 2010

Hi Bevan,

> And that's the point.  The average user *is* "running Windows,
> publishing their whole life online on Facebook, or filling their systems
> with malware".  They should be concerned, very concerned, but no one has
> really taken the time to educate them as to why.

Most of them dont want to be educated. Even the ones that I thought
did, when I check months later, their facebook page is the same or

The ones I seem to have a reaonable chance of educating are
normally about late 30's onwards.

> PS:  I'm almost mortified that the average young adult is now letting
> nightclub operators scan their drivers licences and even link it to
> their finger print scanners for entry.  What a remarkable vector for
> identity theft.

One girl I was explaining to about protecting her CC details
said she doesnt care, if she gets ripped off the bank will give
it back to her. 'It's no big deal'. Sigh.

If an infected windows computer doesnt make the PC to slow
or inconvenience the user, they dont care. The latest
generation of virus/worm/root/bot authors are doing a bloody
good job. The aim of the game is to have control of a computer
when needed, for as long as possible, without the computer
owner realising it.

Privacy works both ways.

To be honest, laterly I'm starting to wonder if its just me ?

Ian Manners
ComKal Networks Australia

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