[AusNOG] iSeek Tech Contact Request - Offlist

Matt Carter matt at iseek.com.au
Fri Feb 12 12:04:25 EST 2010

> Simon,
> Thanks. I probably didn't clarify my situation. The company that I
> work for do not buy services from iSeek, we have a customer who has
> hosting with a downstream customer of theirs, and we had a routing
> issue from our AS into their network. I am very familiar with the SLA
> process, I was simply after a helping hand from iSeek.
> Turns out they already knew about the issue and resolved it shortly
> after anyway :-)
> Cheers, Ryan.

Thanks to all who reported the issue, was quickly identified and resolved with all affected parties updated directly. For anyone who is curious as to what happened, seems we hit a 12.2SR dCEF bug which resulted in traffic being blackholed. Routes looked good but CEF adjacencies were wacked.

Kind regards,

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