[AusNOG] Network Monitoring Systems

Royce Ausburn royce at inomial.com
Wed Feb 10 08:17:06 EST 2010

We used to use a homegrown application for monitoring servers.  Mostly mail and application clusters.  It was alright, but required us to develop and install new software on the servers to monitor stuff that SNMP generally publishes these days.  

About 18 months ago we moved to cacti for monitoring whatever we can get over SNMP and have written SNMP modules in to our applications.  

We're still using the homegrown system to tell us which servers need to be upgraded in response to security advisories.  

I'm interested: How do you peeps keep track of installed packages and deal with security advisories?  Is there a free solution for that? 


On 09/02/2010, at 3:09 PM, PRK wrote:

> G'day guys,
> I'm curious what people use for network monitoring, performance monitoring & graphing of large scale networks & systems.
> Open source / commercial / homegrown / hybrids thereof?
> Any experiences (for or against) different solutions that people are willing to share?
> Cheers,
> prk
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