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Michael Richardson lists at mikerichardson.com.au
Tue Feb 9 15:45:34 EST 2010

I use Zabbix, which I find to be a really great mix of graphing and
monitoring power. In fact, you can do a ridiculous amount with graphs. Takes
a bit of getting used to (what NMS doesn't?), but if you RTFM it's
straightforward enough and scales extremely well. Proxy sites and
distributed monitoring are a great feature.

It's open source, with paid support options. The guys who maintain it are
really responsive to the community as well, and new releases/updates come
out often.

On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 3:09 PM, PRK <ausnog at digitaljunkie.net> wrote:

> G'day guys,
> I'm curious what people use for network monitoring, performance monitoring
> & graphing of large scale networks & systems.
> Open source / commercial / homegrown / hybrids thereof?
> Any experiences (for or against) different solutions that people are
> willing to share?
> Cheers,
> prk
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