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Love it.

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From: Exetel Notification [mailto:donotreply at exetel.com.au] 
Sent: Monday, 8 February 2010 3:09 PM
To: Skeeve Stevens
Subject: Copyright Infringement Notification Change

Dear Mr Skeeve Stevens, 

For the past five plus years or so, Exetel has passed on to end users copyright infringement notices we receive from reputable agencies. 

We have also then temporarily blocked internet access until the customer has clicked the button on the 'block page' acknowledging that they have received the infringement notice and either complied with it or denied the allegation. 

Following the current court ruling by Justice Cowdroy in the Federal Court last Thursday we will modify this practice in the near future. We will continue to send any infringement notice we receive in the future but before the end of February we will not require the user to acknowledge receipt of it nor will we temporarily block the customer's internet access. We will continue to send the infringement notices because we believe it's in the best interests of the person who pays for the internet service to know what other entities believe the service is being used for. Many users who pay for the connection (and are therefore liable for how it is used and what it is used for) do not always know how their service is being used and we believe they should be informed. 

Subject to final legal advice, and re-coding time and testing, we will in future simply send the infringement notice to the registered 'owner' of the service together with this cover email: 

Dear [ ], 

A copyright infringement notice has been sent to Exetel that states that your Exetel IP (internet connection) has been used to acquire material the breaches copyright. 

You do not need to take any action except to be aware that, if you or some member of your household are in fact using your internet connection to infringe another party's copyright, they have been able to detect that action and could, at some time in the future should they wish to do so, involve themselves in the legal and other costs of taking some action against you. 

Again, you are not required to take any action regarding this infringement notice and it is sent to you as a courtesy in case usage of the internet connection in your name is being used in ways unknown to you. 

Exetel Provisioning 


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