[AusNOG] Fw: Youtube-over-IPv6

Craig Meyers Craig.Meyers at citec.com.au
Tue Feb 2 18:29:50 EST 2010

Cheers guys - thanks for all the replies.

This information is all useful. 

It's handy to know.

-- Craig Meyers

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On 02/02/10 17:13, Craig Meyers wrote:
> Is the youtube content over ipv6 on a different url?


$ host v13.lscache8.l.google.com
v13.lscache8.l.google.com has address
v13.lscache8.l.google.com has IPv6 address 2001:4860:4001:402::1d

> But no reference as to how one accesses the youtube content over ipv6.
> Anyone able to access youtube over ipv6 yet?

Yes. My packet sniffer confirms it.

The www.youtube.com frontend isn't IPv6-enabled yet, but the
video-serving backends are. (Which, AFAIK, run lighttpd. Offtopic, I

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