[AusNOG] APNIC Conference Next week in Gold Coast

Barrie Hall barrie at mypond.net
Thu Aug 19 10:56:36 EST 2010

Well me and my lot will be there, just getting it organised.

On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 8:48 PM, Terry Manderson <terry at terrym.net> wrote:

> Good thing to highlight Skeeve.
> Considering that 28% (the largest portion btw!) of APNIC members do come
> from Australia one might consider that getting to an APNIC meeting, even if
> it is your first, as a good thing to do since it is about as close to the
> doorstep you are likely to get for the next couple years!
> Even though many of you are filling out your AusNOG 04 rego *plug* at
> https://secure.ausnog.net/signup/ so that you are confirmed a seat,
> consider also making an effort to get to the APNIC meeting (
> http://meetings.apnic.net/30).
> Many people find the whole internet policy and governance thing quite
> intimidating, and I can understand that. It is shrouded in policy speak,
> personalities, and process. So for those people who are unsure about coming
> I will make this offer. If this is your first APNIC meeting drop me an email
> and let me know you are coming and I will meet up with you and do my best to
> help you along, and maybe fill in the blanks and hopefully you will leave
> with the experience that the APNIC policies are created by the needs of the
> industry (you).
> Cheers
> Terry
> (ps did I mention that AusNOG 04 Rego is open, registrations for this
> year's event are filling quickly and you have only 4 weeks to the event??
> https://secure.ausnog.net/signup/)
> On 18/08/2010, at 3:46 PM, Skeeve Stevens wrote:
> > Hey all,
> >
> > APNIC 30 (http://meetings.apnic.net/30) is being held next week on the
> Gold Coast (which was relocated due to instabilities in Thailand).
> >
> > I have checked the current list of those who are attending (
> http://submit.apnic.net/cgi-bin/reglist.pl?event_id=315) and I’ve noticed
> that there are VERY VERY few Australian ISP’s attending.
> >
> > Please guys... this is an extremely important event, and due to
> circumstances - is now on our shores.  While I realise that there is expense
> involved in going to the Gold Coast, there are a lot of ISPs in the Gold
> Coast and Brisbane region which I would dearly love to see come along.
> >
> > The conference isn’t even that long, but if you came to the operational
> day (Wednesday) and maybe the policy sections you would learn a lot about
> how the internet is governed in this region.
> >
> > Australia has one of the largest membership percentages in APNIC, but a
> very low participation level in many areas.  Years ago James Spenceley urged
> me to get involved in the Policy Development process and other membership
> driven areas, and I’ve found it to be an extremely interesting and rewarding
> experience with conferences in Christchurch, Manilla, Beijing and Kuala
> Lumpur and I am already planning in to visit the next conferences in Hong
> Kong, New Deli and other exotic locations.
> >
> > Being a part of APNIC has enhanced my personal life with the amount of
> excellent people I’ve been meeting from all over the world, and also my
> professional life with the experiences, views and knowledge from all over
> the region.
> >
> > I encourage all Australian ISPs to come along, but especially those in
> the Gold Coast/Brisbane area.
> >
> > ...Skeeve
> >
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