[AusNOG] Power consumption of NBN (was Re: [ISOC-AU-mems] Quigley announces architectural "stakein the ground"

Gavin Tweedie gav at narx.net
Thu Sep 17 15:01:24 EST 2009

Paul Brooks wrote:
> As for replacing batteries and needing technician truck-rolls - meh - 
> make it user-replaceable, add an audible alarm and flashing light when 
> the battery gets low, and re-use the distribution

Many (most/all?) home alarms systems contain 12v SLA batteries in them 
which the security industry has found ways to replace them (fee for 
service) that consumers don't find un-acceptable. They even store the 
battery in a locked cabinet so the homeowner, or intruder, can't replace 
the battery!


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