[AusNOG] [ISOC-AU-mems] Quigley announces architectural "stakein the ground"

John Allan lists at john.net.au
Thu Sep 17 14:01:09 EST 2009

Other models make the battery maintenance the customer's 
responsibility.  This is the case in some overseas countries and (I 
believe) is also the case with some services in Aus.
They publish general technical specifications and approve specific 
If the customer damages the equipment by connecting a non-approved 
battery they become liable.
If the customer cannot replace their own battery then the SP can replace 
it for them fee-for-service.


Daniel O'Connor wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Sep 2009, Mark Newton wrote:
>> Maybe line-powered 48VDC phones are turning into a historical relic,
>> and their continued support shouldn't be drop-dead mandated as a
>> requirement for the new network.
> Battery backed equipment could be supplied to those customers which 
> require it (ie medical need). I imagine the number of such users is 
> only be a small percentage of the population.

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