[AusNOG] Quigley announces architectural "stake in the ground"

John Lindsay jlindsay at internode.com.au
Wed Sep 16 18:36:00 EST 2009

Only if you want it to.

This model is for general Internet service NBN Access.

About to walk into a dinner with Quigley and Thoady.

Spent the day listening to Quilty, Booth and Prof Bradlow.

Should be fun.

Well interesting.

Well it's dinner and I'm hungry.


On 16/09/2009, at 5:50 PM, Adrian Chadd wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 16, 2009, Mark Smith wrote:
>> The dumber the better ... ideally support for direct customer site to
>> wholesale aggregation site larger than 1500 byte Ethernet frames.
>> (e.g. >1500 to allow for options of MPLS, L2TPv3, Q-in-Q, Mac-in-MAC,
>> PBB, PBT etc. encapsulation, just in case)
> So what about direct customer<->customer communication? Does that have
> to pass through your aggregation layer(s) ?
> Adrian
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