[AusNOG] Lan extender recomendations

Shaun Dwyer shaun at dwyer.id.au
Wed Sep 16 16:36:00 EST 2009

Hi Nick,

If you can't find anything to work on your CAT3 cabling, you could  
look at wireless technologies like 802.11N.

200m should be easy if you have LOS, especially if you can hang an  
appropriate gain antenna off your radios at either end.

Perhaps something like this? :


On 16/09/2009, at 1:32 PM, Nick @ Deltaband wrote:

> Hi,
> Can anyone recommend a vendor that makes a *reliable* LAN extender
> product? Looking to extend a LAN over about 200m of CAT3 twisted pair,
> ideally at a speed of about 50mbps.
> TIA,
> Nick
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