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On 28/10/2009, at 9:38 AM, Terry Sweetser wrote:

> I've noticed that the new address ranges being handed out by APNIC  
> still
> exist in many bogon filters.
> One very annoying filter is at NetRegistry ...
> Seriously, with all the ipv4 space nearing exhaustion, who is still
> trying to filter "unallocated" space?

I feel your pain Terry.. we've run into all sorts of issues with our  
110/8 space

  - One particular third party mail appliance that had the bogon  
filter built into the appliance, and in this case mail is silently  
dropped (at least on the configuration of this specific site)
  - DNS servers ignoring our responses causing mail to bounce
  - Basic connectivity issues to some providers, including to some  
people using blackberry devices.
  - Lots of just general network firewalls

Right PITA.. Unfortunately it's all legacy and so even people learning  
now it doesn't matter - we'll keep hitting these problems.

Fortunately we've had surprisingly good success in contacting people/ 
network administrators to fix up their filters.. but in the mean time  
our customers are not very happy when mail goes missing which is the  
main problem.  Especially when they transferred off of another  
provider that "didn't have this problem".

For any new people still wanting to do this for some reason or another  
- perhaps take a look at the CYMRU bogon project - http://www.team-cymru.org/Services/Bogons/
One approach is to setup a BGP session with them, and then configure  
an ACL to basically allow only the current list of prefixes they send  
- this way they can drop routes when it makes sense but can't  
accidentally send you bad new ones.  Unfortunately if you setup a  
static list, you will eventually leave and people will eventually  
forget about it.

Best Regards,

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