[AusNOG] CCC and Terria "rage against coalition"

John Lindsay jlindsay at internode.com.au
Thu Oct 22 00:43:53 EST 2009

The reaction is to getting this far only to have it buried before the  
next election. Amend the amendments to improve facilities access price  
setting and clean up whatever else, but Telstra remain an  
unreconstructed bully and need separation now. I'm not fussed if they  
sell the duct & copper to NBNCo or not.

My biggest fear is an NBNCo FTTN network delivered in about five years  
via VDSL3++ (some new line coding, you get the idea). 2+ from us dies,  
NBNCo/TelstraNetCo sell a wholesale national product for $50 and we  
all slowly starve to death.



On 21/10/2009, at 9:01 PM, "Bevan Slattery" <Bevan.Slattery at staff.pipenetworks.com 
 > wrote:

> http://www.arnnet.com.au/article/323020/rage_against_coalition_industry_
> lashes_opposition_fights_against_telstra_separation
> Bit over the top??  I'd like to see the legislation look at solving  
> the
> real/future problems such as reduce the negotiate/arbitrate process  
> for
> regulated (rather than only declared as proposed in the legislation)
> bottleneck infrastructure such as duct access (NBN) and towers (4G/ 
> LTE)
> rather than mainly focus on the copper world.
> I'm trying to think why the violent reaction from CCC and TERRIA?   
> Is it
> no longer 'cool' to ask questions?
> [b]
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