[AusNOG] Internet services into ATP / Eveleigh

Alan Lee alanl at elcom.com.au
Fri Oct 9 09:40:42 EST 2009

Hello all,

(almost) first time poster, long time watcher

We are looking for services into the Australian Technology Park in Eveleigh, NSW (I know there is Optus and Pipe, so almost anyone can do things I am guessing)

We require 100mbit/s of Interwebz access with data on top of that .  A peering service would also be wonderful as a lot of our traffic stays local due to the nature of our business.  Eventually we would also get some equipment colo'd out of our DC so a full service provider might be useful for us?

Please contact me if you think you can be of use so we can chat a little more.  My email is alanl at elcom.com.au<mailto:alanl at elcom.com.au> and direct phone number is 02 8064 0910

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