[AusNOG] AusNOG Board Expanded

David Hughes David at Hughes.com.au
Thu Oct 1 18:11:55 EST 2009

As was discussed and announced at AusNOG-03, the Board of AusNOG Pty  
Ltd is being expanded from 3 members to 5.  The new structure includes  
2 years terms for Board Members with groups of 2 seats and 3 seats  
being up for re-election in alternating years.  In 2010 the original  
seats held by David Hughes and James Spenceley will be up for re- 

It was also noted at the meeting that Steve Baxter, one of the  
founding directors and initial driving force behind the creation of  
AusNOG, has decided to resigned from his position on the board.  His  
employment commitments overseas make it impractical for Steve to  
continue on the board at this time.  I would like to sincerely thank  
Steve for all his efforts to date.  We wouldn't be here without is  
work and commitment.

For those that were not at AusNOG-03, the 2 new board seats and the  
seat vacated by Steve Baxter's resignation have been filled.  The  
following people have agreed to sit on the expanded 5 person AusNOG  
board :

	David Hughes
	Terry Manderson
	Matthew Moyle-Croft
	Mark Prior
	James Spenceley



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