[AusNOG] Issues with Cisco IOS 12.4(25) ?

Jay Mitchell jay at miscreant.org
Wed May 6 10:03:04 EST 2009

The following is a pretty interesting read re: 12.4(25):


>From a quick skim, there's one reference to BGP + router reload on pages 4 +


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Hi All,

Is anyone on AUSNOG running this on any of their Cisco 2800/7200's?

We upgraded one of our borders to this last week, and since then have been
having constant issues.


bdr1.per uptime is 24 minutes
System returned to ROM by error - a Software forced crash, PC 0x4007C19C at
13:36:51 UTC Tue May 5 2009

We have submitted a TAC case, but have yet to hear a resolution. We were
about to push this out to about 10 2811's and a bunch more 720(4/6)vxr's but
at this stage are holding off....



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