[AusNOG] 'X' carrier tethering on iPhone v3.0

Andrew Cox andrew at accessplus.com.au
Fri Jun 19 16:10:33 EST 2009

*waits for see someone in the US to setup multiple iPhone 3GS's on AT&T 
and use them as a load-balanced internet connection*

Andrew Cox
> Someone in the office here made the observation that it's easy to see
> why AT&T/EDGE wants to charge extra in the US, it's because they've  
> offered
> unlimited data with their iPhone plans and used the fact that it's
> too inconvenient to utilize billions of gigabytes per month on a  
> handheld
> device as a self-limiting mechanism.
> Tethering changes the gameplan there quite a bit, in that the self- 
> limiting
> mechanism goes away when you're using the same network on a laptop.
> But you're right about Australia:  With carriers charging for data,
> they ought to be encouraging customers to find as many ways as  
> possible to
> use it.  More usage = more money.
>    - mark
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