[AusNOG] US Colo ?

Paul Raj Khangure ausnog at digitaljunkie.net
Fri Jun 12 11:11:25 EST 2009

Morning all,

Apologies if slightly off topic, but I figure several of you may have
experience with US Colo facilities.

A community organisation I'm helping out is looking to host a couple
of 1RU servers in the US, and looking for decent Colo facilities.

By decent, their priorities are:

* Reasonable per RU costs.
* Reasonable bandwidth costs, prob about 2MBps, prefer flat cost
rather than excess charges.
* Ability for each server to have 2 uplinks, one for LOM, one for
bandwidth. Reasonable costs if excess charges apply.
* Reasonable power allocations if they meter per Amp (each server will
prob be about 2.5A at 120V AC).
* Reasonable remote hands skills and costs, when required.

Is there anything else I should be considering when evaluating data
centres & colo costs for them?


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