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Damien Gardner Jnr rendrag at rendrag.net
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On 15/12/2009, at 3:42 PM, Roddy Strachan wrote:

> http://www.minister.dbcde.gov.au/media/media_releases/2009/115

Hrrm, so ISP's are going to start *having* to do transparent  
proxying?  Does that mean every time anyone's web browsing seems a bit  
slow, they can phone their ISP to complain? ;)

Hrrm, wonder how many complaints it'll take before the ISP's tell the  
govt to shove it?  (and quite seriously here.. If the big ISPs turn  
around and tell the govt that it's not economically feasible because  
of the extra support required, can the govt really do anything except  
back down and go hide in a corner?)

At home I pay the extra dosh to a 'real' ISP, rather than one of the  
cheapo mobs like dodo or TPG, because I *hate* transparent proxies  
with a vengeance - they're a web developer's nightmare, and just  
generally horrible things to do anything but basic web browsing  
through (seriously, HTTP isn't the only thing that runs over port 80!)  
- and now the govt is legislating that my home internet connection HAS  
to have a transparent proxy?? I shudder to think of the hassle it's  
going to be for ISP's to implement this filtering??  Even assuming  
it's done as I remember one of the ISP's did in the trial, and only  
redirect traffic for IP's that blocked sites are hosted on, to capture  
just those site's, that's still a fair bit of extra processing on the  
routers, let alone having to also manage it at the proxy?

And the folks that *want* to look at this stuff are just going to use  
one of the thousands of open proxies, or their $15/month linode to get  
past the blocks anyway!

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for making sure our kids can't access  
nasty stuff, but that's for me to do at home with the kids' segment of  
the network (when they're old enough - their notebooks are just sleep- 
time music, and audio monitors at the moment!), not for the govt to  
force on us at the ISP level?!



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