[AusNOG] Looks like the NBN will be a PON variant for sure...

Alastair Johnson aj at sneep.net
Thu Apr 30 12:56:28 EST 2009

John Edwards wrote:

> It may be that the NBN needs to be L3 just to cut down on the  
> components required. A wholesale LAC/BNG/BRAS arrangement is going to  
> cost a bundle to support millions of Australians at 100M speeds, only  
> to be replicated at every ISP for the retail interface!

This has been a concern by the Singapore iDA, where they desire that the 
barrier to RSP entry be extremely low (to the 'almost non-existent' 
point).  The variety of required services by the OpCo is supposed to 
reduce this.

Of course, many existing Australian ISPs have the BRAS/BNG 
infrastructure anyway, so a certain amount of re-use will be possible.


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