[AusNOG] George street just lost power for 30min

Charles Wyble charles at thewybles.com
Tue Apr 28 15:17:52 EST 2009

It does seem to be an awfully high concentration of outages over a very 
brief time period doesn't it?

Tony wrote:
> It's a conspiracy between the company supplying the power, suppliers of 
> UPS/Generator equipment and the people who would install this same gear.
> They do this a few more times and every Sydney CBD building will have 
> purchased serious backup power gear of some sort and probably required 
> electrical contractors to install it. The ones that already have backup 
> in place are thinking about backups for their backups...
> regards,
> Tony.
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>     IANAEE (I am not an Electrical Enginneer) But, Does anyone know if
>     it's possible to get serious harmonics on power cables of this size
>     / Voltage?
>     Quoting the article:
>     ""There are four major cables running from Lane Cove  to the CBD.
>     When a fault occurs our protection equipment cuts in and shuts down
>     the cable.
>     "For some reason our protection equipment is shutting down a wider
>     area, it's shutting down all four cables to the CBD and that's a
>     matter we're now investigating and working on.""
>     Has anyone deployed any new giant datacenters overnight in the
>     immediate vicinity?
>     -Sean.
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