[AusNOG] George street just lost power for 30min

Tony td_miles at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 28 13:24:15 EST 2009

It's a conspiracy between the company supplying the power, suppliers of UPS/Generator equipment and the people who would install this same gear.

They do this a few more times and every Sydney CBD building will have purchased serious backup power gear of some sort and probably required electrical contractors to install it. The ones that already have backup in place are thinking about backups for their backups...


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IANAEE (I am not an Electrical Enginneer) But, Does anyone know if it's possible to get serious harmonics on power cables of this size / Voltage?

Quoting the article:

""There are four major cables running from Lane Cove  to the CBD. When a fault occurs our protection equipment cuts in and shuts down the cable.

"For some reason our protection equipment is shutting down a wider area, it's shutting down all four cables to the CBD and that's a matter we're now investigating and working on.""

Has anyone deployed any new giant datacenters overnight in the immediate vicinity?


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