[AusNOG] Aust Govt will build National Broadband Network, no company will be awarded the tender.

Matthew Moyle-Croft mmc at internode.com.au
Tue Apr 14 09:23:07 EST 2009

Bevan Slattery wrote:
> MMC,
> But let's not allow this to detract from what has been a very good
> discussion thus far.  I'm happy to take your apology off-list.
No need:

I don't want this to escalate any further between us.

I sincerely and unreservably (*) apologise for the misunderstanding and 
any offense.  I also apologise for the misspelling threads on WP.  I 
thought at the time we were having some fun banter and I sincerely 
regret it was misinterpreted.

I do think that we have so much more in common than in difference and 
that, at the heart of it, we both value Australia having the best 
telecommunications outcomes it can, and that this argument is really 
just both of us showing the passion we have for that.


(*) Yes, I know it's a misspelling.  Feel free to make fun of me about 
it, I can take it, it's only fair.
> Cheers
> [b]

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