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Kayne Naughton Kayne.Naughton at acma.gov.au
Tue Apr 7 09:57:04 EST 2009

As in "we know the IP address and times sighted of the nodes". There
being many thousands of domains used by Conficker means about a dozen
different organisations registered domains that Conficker may use to
update to its latest release. These organisations then pointed the
domains at sinkholes belonging to themselves or other CWG members.

All of the Conficker Working Group share their data but not all of them
integrate the data from other peoples sinkholes into their own reports,
so it can take a little bit of asking around to make sure you get close
to a full view of the Conficker data. Pretty sure we're reporting 95%+
of the Australian Confickers to their ISPs, but I think I'll get someone
to look into that today.

As previously stated on the list we don't know who the subscribers are
and we can't see any traffic ourselves. It's purely IP and timestamp
info we pass onto ISPs.


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Quoting Kayne Naughton on Monday April 06, 2009:
| I think we're covering most of the Conficker in Australia, at least as

| it's visible to working group members.

Could you explain a little what you mean by covering? In a
news-reporting sense, or in some kind of network sense?


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