[AusNOG] Sydney CBD Power Outage (Saturday)

Ben Cornish benc at brennanit.com.au
Sun Apr 5 21:49:26 EST 2009

Power back-up could be needed in Sydney CBD on Monday
*         April 5, 2009 - 1:21PM
EnergyAustralia is contacting building managers within Sydney's CBD about the possible need to use back-up generators for power on Monday.
Large sections of the CBD have suffered two power outages within the past week, the first occurring during the Monday afternoon peak and the other on Saturday morning.
Urgent repair work is being carried out which EnergyAustralia expects to be completed by Monday morning.
However, as a precaution the company says it's contacting building managers in 20 key buildings in the northern part of the CBD.
"We are asking building managers to provide extra assistance by identifying available back-up generators that are installed in these buildings," EnergyAustralia said in a statement on Sunday.
"We have also asked these building owners to assist by making preparations to reduce non-essential electricity use in these buildings.
"This support may be required to meet the extra demand for power on Monday morning."
Saturday's hour-long power outage was caused by a fault on a major piece of electrical equipment connected to a transformer in a zone substation in the northern part of the CBD.
Emergency services were called to help people trapped in lifts, the harbour tunnel was closed and up to 50 sets of traffic lights were blacked out after the outage hit at about 10.30am (AEDT).
Around 50,000 homes and businesses were without power, with Monday's outage affecting about 70,000.
While the repairs are carried out on Sunday, electricity supply to the Sydney Harbour Tunnel has been re-routed to a zone substation in the east, while a large generator has been delivered as a back-up.
The NSW government will hold an urgent meeting with EnergyAustralia, with Premier Nathan Rees saying two outages in the CBD in less than a week was "not good enough".
Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell has called for an audit of Sydney's electricity network to identify and fix problems.
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Statement re last fault.

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Afternoon All,

We are being advised by one of our Upstream Carriers of a mass power outage in the Sydney CBD and Eastern Suburbs at present.

Can anyone confirm or deny this for me?

Kindest Regards,

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