[AusNOG] CNET: Google uncloaks once-secret server

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I'm surprised someone else hasn't posted this link already.  It's a  
few years old.  It was written by Google people and explains exactly  
what they're up to with their power supply with photos of the PSU  
module.  They don't talk about the battery.

One of my coworkers pointed me towards PicoPSU-120 which is a 12 volt  
ATX power supply built into an ATX connector.  There are various  
flavours that operate at various voltages.  You would need one of the  
"wide input" versions if you wanted to use a 13.8 volt battery.

You can buy 13.8 volt supplies off the shelf at places like Dick Smith  
and Jaycar.  So your Googlish data centre isn't too far away :-)



On 03/04/2009, at 1:05 PM, Kaan Kivilcim wrote:

> "Another illustration of Google's obsession with efficiency comes  
> through power supply design. Power supplies convert conventional AC  
> (alternating current--what you get from a wall socket) electricity  
> into the DC (direct current--what you get from a battery)  
> electricity, and typical power supplies provide computers with both  
> 5-volt and 12-volt DC power. Google's designs supply only 12-volt  
> power, with the necessary conversions taking place on the  
> motherboard."
> Gigabyte must be making a custom design for Google I'd imagine.
> kk
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> Battery goes directly into the PSU, so presumably there's a charging
> circuit in there.  I'd expect this to work a lot like a 48VDC system,
> except at 12V.
> The only thing that isn't explained - at least for me - is where  
> they're
> getting the 5V for the HDD's from (assuming the Hitachi Deskstar's
> actually require 5V).  They may have a small DC/DC converter under the
> HDD's for that though.
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