[AusNOG] CNET: Google uncloaks once-secret server

Kaan Kivilcim kaan.kivilcim at alluremedia.com.au
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"Another illustration of Google's obsession with efficiency comes through power supply design. Power supplies convert conventional AC (alternating current--what you get from a wall socket) electricity into the DC (direct current--what you get from a battery) electricity, and typical power supplies provide computers with both 5-volt and 12-volt DC power. Google's designs supply only 12-volt power, with the necessary conversions taking place on the motherboard."

Gigabyte must be making a custom design for Google I'd imagine.


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Battery goes directly into the PSU, so presumably there's a charging
circuit in there.  I'd expect this to work a lot like a 48VDC system,
except at 12V.

The only thing that isn't explained - at least for me - is where they're
getting the 5V for the HDD's from (assuming the Hitachi Deskstar's
actually require 5V).  They may have a small DC/DC converter under the
HDD's for that though. 

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