[AusNOG] CNET: Google uncloaks once-secret server

Sean K. Finn Sean.Finn at ozservers.com.au
Fri Apr 3 13:20:40 EST 2009

> There's no reason for Google to not run their kit on 60 Hz 220VAC
> Especially if they're aiming for efficiency.
>  - mark

Efficiency, and global shippability & power system compatibility I'd imagine. i.e. one size fits all.

I do have some broad questions for anyone who may know or wish to postulate:

1. Do the shipping containers hold their own automatic transfer switches? Would be awesome if they did.

2. What other plugs do they have (apart from the networking side), looks like chiller or water tower connections.
Shipping container DC patent: 

A 1AAA Container is a 40ft container, but do you think the big G would do 30'/9M (B) or 20'/6M (C) containers?


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