[AusNOG] CNET: Google uncloaks once-secret server

Sean K. Finn Sean.Finn at ozservers.com.au
Fri Apr 3 12:27:17 EST 2009

The only thing unintuitive that I can see about the design is that the power cord goes THROUGH  the server only to reconnect at the other side, and looks hard wired in the side of the chassis.

The power supply shows 200-240Vac, so are we looking at an Australian server?


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In case anyone hadn't seen it already: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1001_3-10209580-92.html

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--Google is tight-lipped about its computing operations, but the company for the first time on Wednesday revealed the hardware at the core of its Internet might at a conference here about the increasingly prominent issue of data center efficiency.

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