[AusNOG] Go Vocus (Sad pants for AAPT)

Nick Brown nick at inticon.net.au
Wed Apr 1 18:01:14 EST 2009

This is what I couldn't really fathom myself, and the Commsday article 
doesn't make it overly clear - but is the dispute in the sense Vocus are 
wanting to peer with AAPT, or are Vocus trying to peer with someone else 
within an AAPT facility...

Because with all due respect to the Vocus guys, if it is Vocus trying to 
peer with AAPT, and its successful, I will eat my hat.


Mark Smith wrote:
>> That'd be impressive growth in the time you've been around if you're 
>> going to be sending roughly as much traffic to AAPT as they're sending 
>> to you.

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