[AusNOG] Go Vocus (Sad pants for AAPT)

James Spenceley james at vocus.com.au
Wed Apr 1 16:52:37 EST 2009

Judging by todays 92 page views (664 hits) to our website from the  
AAPT corporate office, I'd expect a very detailed response debunking  
Vocus as a two bit player and regaling us with stats about how  
wonderful AAPT is :-)

So stay tuned !


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On 01/04/2009, at 3:42 PM, Skeeve Stevens wrote:

> I’m not a fan of AAPT, but don’t hate them either, but this is  
> hilarious!
> Kudos to James and the team at Vocus for stirring things up.
> When you going to make a takeover bid for Telstra or Optus James?
> ...Skeeve
> (Thanks to Commsday for the unauthorised posting of their text –  
> please subscribe to them and get me out of trouble! I love you Luke/ 
> Grahame!)
> Vocus on warpath against AAPT
> Wholesale voice and Internet newcomer Vocus is on the warpath  
> against AAPT, offering three months of free IP Transit for AAPT  
> customers who ditch the company to shift to Vocus. With AAPT said to  
> be stonewalling Vocus in a peering dispute, CEO James Spenceley has  
> begun a twopronged attack – appealing to the ACCC to force a  
> resolution while making a land-grab for AAPT customers.
> “Unfortunately we haven’t been able to reach any form of agreement  
> with AAPT on the topic of Internet Interconnection. Internally we’ve  
> come to the conclusion that it far simpler to make it as attractive  
> as possible for customers to leave AAPT and join the Vocus network,  
> negating the requirement for peering with AAPT,” said Spenceley.
> “In addition to making this offer to AAPT customers we have  
> contacted the ACCC and will continue to work with them and pursue a  
> regulatory solution to the dispute,” he said, adding Vocus would  
> like to resume negotiations – “but the ball is firmly in their court.”
> “There’s no doubt that the hierarchy of the telecommunications  
> industry is changing. Fast moving, customer-focused companies like  
> Vocus are able to compete and offer superior service,” Spenceley said.
> Luke Coleman
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