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Hi Curtis

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> If the copper is cut at the node and subsequently re-terminated, how are 
> larger/specialist
> telecommunications companies going to deliver non-IP services to business 
> customers?
> Given the fact that the FTTN network is going to have shared back haul 
> from node to
> exchange, coupled with the fact there's going to be a whole bunch of bit 
> torrent using, you
> tube watching consumers pushing who knows what over that aforementioned 
> bac haul, I
> would not feel right offering any form of business-grade service over the 
> national FTTN
> network.

I suspect FTTN will be configured the same as FTTH in so far as all circuits 
will have dedicated CIR's.   Therefore If you are buying a 2 MB service you 
will have access to 2MB fom the node to the aggregation point.   In FTTH 
equipment you can have business customers and home customers co existing 
without either being able to interfer with the other.  The FTTH equipment I 
have looked at will not allow you to oversubscribe the bandwidth although it 
will allow you to configure burst.    The equipment also has the ability to 
have E1 cards etc.   I suspect the node stuff will to.

I don't think this will be the issue.  I see the issues as being
-  lack of competition which will mean a lack of innovation
-  A monopoly network where the network operator will be able to hold all 
resellers and customers to ransom

If you extrapolate that it will mean that the monopoly operator will have no 
need to innovate, offer updated services or technologies and the operator 
will be able to hold the countries telecommunications users to ransom.  To 
give an example it will mean that Australia will be back to the future where 
the monopoly provider which was Telstra had to be hounded to provide ADSL in 
this country and no other operator was able to deliver, because of the 
incompatibility reasons offered at the time.

I very much doubt to much thought has gone into these issues politically, 
and I doubt the "expert"  panel will have the experts or terms of reference 
necessary to consider  such issues.

We are in for a rocky ride until the government sets a policy framework in 
place that provides some investment certainty.  Given dealing with the dbcde 
/ dcita in the past I doubt they have the quality people to advise the 
government.  Put your seatbelts on

> Which brings me to my next point - legacy circuits.
> What about those businesses still using X.25, G.703/E1 circuits, VoDSL, 
> etc

This functionality is I suspect will be built into the FTTN however 3 rd 
party operators will need to rely on the network owner / operator to install 
and configure equipment, possibly at inflated prices.

> but if Sen. Conroy and his band of merry men decide that it's a really 
> fantastic idea to dice
>  and slice the copper at the node, there's going to be a lot of business 
> users with dead
> legacy WAN circuits.

not to meantion all the dslams and investment that will be left stranded.

> So where do we go from here? There are some electrical circuits you just 
> can't emulate
> over IP (read: there are some electrical circuits you just wouldn't want 
> to emulate over
>  IP!) and I'll be damned if I ever have to bring up a Telstra megalink 
> service. (Don't get my
>  wrong, I like the idea of delivering 2Mb over fiber, I just don't like 
> having to mortgage my
>  house/car/dog for it.)

There may be no choice eventually

> Tell my I'm wrong, tell me I'm crazy, tell me I'm right or tell me a lie - 
> just hoping to open
>  up some discussion about business grade services in this post-copper 
> world!

I would refer to it as a back to the future monopoly world.



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