[AusNOG] AusNOG-02

David J. Hughes David at Hughes.com.au
Tue Jun 24 08:29:39 EST 2008


> - Do something with the website please... the current one is useless  
> for
> anything at all

Yup, the website is not exactly a highlight of our achievements to  
date.  That is being sorted as we speak.  Expect something new very  

> - $600 is a lot of money for small ISP's;

It's a tough position Skeeve.  While $600 is a large increase as a  
percentage compared to last year, the conference has to be able to  
stand on it's own 2 feet.  It needs to be able to do something as  
simple as pay the deposit on the venue.  We can only abuse Steve's  
credit card for so long :-)

Also, while we as organisers obviously believe in AusNOG and do all  
that we can to make the event reality, we really do need some basic,  
professional help.  There's only so much time we can volunteer before  
it becomes just too large a impact.  I think PIPE, Vocus, and  
MelbourneIT were incredibly supportive last year and they will  
continue to be this year.  But we need to be realistic and not abuse  
that support.


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