[AusNOG] OPTUS BGP Communities

Sean K. Finn Sean.Finn at ozservers.com.au
Fri Jun 20 23:16:37 EST 2008

Hi Bruce,

Awesome advice, thank you.

Additionally, I've found out that Uecomm has a community string of 10223:666 that will allow us to inject single /32's for null routing at their border.

Optus has confirmed that they only accept RFC1998 tags to 7474 and no others, but I think that if I use your advice and push tags out to Singtel 7473,and if  I can bias Singtel traffic through to Uecomm, then I might be able to get nasty traffic to smash itself against the 7474 / 10223 border with a combination of the /32 injection, rather than coming down my links.

It would be nicer to block it futher out, but any port in a storm will do ;)

Cheers for all of the advice everyone, it's been exceptionally helpful.


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Hi Sean,

Don't forget the upstreams. You could use RFC1998 tags but you may wish to signal Singtel rather than Optus, eg 7473:70. Not sure what Optus may do to your tags on ingress, but we've used it successfully in the past




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