[AusNOG] UDP Flooding Issues

Curtis Bayne curtis at bayne.com.au
Thu Jun 19 14:23:48 EST 2008

...in 2008? Ten years ago I would have drooled over that (given I was still in primary school, that probably wouldn't have been anything out of the ordinary - I was probably still drooling over everything anyway) but in 2008, I can't see why you'd deliver DS3 over anything but fiber.

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On Thu, Jun 19, 2008, Curtis Bayne wrote:
> Could be worse.
> ISP Startup 101: Backhaul over Frame Relay - how to link your ADSL2+ POPs with 2600s and G.703. Also, how to build your ISP with components off eBay - we show you what to buy!

Hah, I heard that someone just had a service delivered to them over DS3.
In Australia.

My DS3 clue is safely where my ATM/LANE clue is - happily forgotten
after years of "medication" (choice: vodka + lime.)

Whats that? Line is getting random RX errors? Here's a few hundred
feet of coax to use as a "line attenuator" (placed in a cardboard box and
labelled as such.)

I like this game, who is next!


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> From: Ian Henderson [ianh at chime.net.au]
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> Adrian Chadd wrote on 2008-06-19:
> > On Thu, Jun 19, 2008, Curtis Bayne wrote:
> >> ...feel free to advertise a default route while you're at it, just in
> >> case there's still a transit network in the middle that's still
> >> routing packets ;). In all seriousness though, kudos for creativity
> > :)
> >
> > Heh, you should then try "traffic engineering by manipulating BGP
> > origin codes."
> Oh, if that's the game we're playing, somebody needs to mention prepending somebody else's AS to influence inbound traffic where communities aren't available. :)
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