[AusNOG] colo spots in perth/sydney.

Nick Brown nick at inticon.net
Wed Jun 18 09:00:30 EST 2008

I sure can say bad things about GlobalSwitch, more specifically with our
colo supplier then the facility itself. (And by no means are they a small
company, nor us a small customer. After their recent merger perhaps they
would have been better off taking the company initials to form the word
PANIC :-) )

No experience with Perth, but in Sydney I *highly* recommend Equinix.


On 18/06/08 8:29 AM, "Roddy Strachan" <roddy.strachan at staff.netspace.net.au>

>> thusfar, my search seems to have petered down to equinix (syd) and qv.
>> 1 (perth),
>> i'm concerned that, in my search, i may have missed other, perhaps not-
>> so-well-marketed, facilities :-)
>> any operator willing to share recommendations/horror stories?
> We are at Globlswitch in NSW and Perthix over in WA (
> http://www.perthix.com/).
> Can't say a bad thing about either.
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