[AusNOG] Small Pipe BNE/Agile issue

David J. Hughes David at hughes.com.au
Sat Jun 14 22:35:06 EST 2008

Hey MMC,

> PIPE allow people to advertise longer than /24s.

Ok, I wasn't aware of that as we don't accept them.  Call us fussy,  
but we also don't accept default from an IX :-).

May I suggest to any PIPE or Equinix peering participants that expect  
WebCentral / MelbourneIT content to be delivered via the IX that they  
do not deaggregate past a /24 for TE purposes.  Guys, if the same  
prefix is visible via peering or transit you'd be on the mark if you  
expect us to use a peering connection wherever possible.  That's our  
decision and that's what local-pref is for.  Gross deaggregation by  
the origin AS is not a reliable solution and is anti-social behviour.



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