[AusNOG] Bigpond contact

Steve Bertrand steveb at eagle.ca
Wed Jun 4 10:31:53 EST 2008

Pardon the noise on the list, but all attempts to the recommended 
contacts at Bigpond have failed regarding my issue I posted about late May:


One person from Telstra that did contact me seemed promising. However 
the next week, they emailed me back stating they had gone on a two day 

Last Monday, I was informed by the same person the problem would be 
looked at immediately (in the same email I was advised of the holiday). 
I have not heard back from them since.

It has been nearly two weeks and we still have no SMTP connectivity to 

Thankfully, we are a small ISP so we only have a handful of users to 
explain "we're working on it" to, so this seems to be a small issue but 
a big problem.

To recap:

cohiba# dig mx bigpond.com
bigpond.com. (..snip..)  extmail.bigpond.com.

cohiba# ping extmail.bigpond.com
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=237 time=243.069 ms

cohiba# telnet extmail.bigpond.com 25
(...time out)

My IPv4 allocation is It doesn't appear as though the 
MX has an implicit IPv6 address, so I can't test that.

 From all the research we have done at our end, we are not listed in any 
of the major RBL's, but even if we were, I would think we should still 
be able to hit the MTA level.

Any help whatsoever to get this resolved would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Steve Bertrand
Senior Network Manager
eagle.ca Internet Services

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