[AusNOG] IPv4 Exhaustion, APNIC EC, and James is a nice bloke ; -)

Adrian Chadd adrian at creative.net.au
Thu Jul 17 16:48:11 EST 2008

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008, Noel Butler wrote:

> And we were running out in " just two to three years time" back in '98 /
> '99 as well :)
> FUD... Oh sure it will happen, and possibly in the next decade, but more
> likely towards the end of it.
> The biggest problem we have is address space horders

The biggest problem is choosing when to migrate.

If you think "it'll happen later, don't panic now", then you aren't really
setting yourself a goal for -when to panic-, and it'll just creep up on
you unexpected.

That, or suddenly you'll find yourself splurging massive dollars on hardware
multi-tier NAT boxes (no, not 6500/7600s, don't you dare suggest that!)
to handle all the NAT translation going on when IPv4 runs out and you haven't
yet migrated all of your applications and processes over. :)


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