[AusNOG] Anyone know a good client side performance tool?

Tom Storey tom at snnap.net
Tue Jul 8 22:15:31 EST 2008

On 07/07/2008, at 5:28 PM, Edwin Groothuis wrote:

> that's only for Jitter, not for the rest of the things you
> described

Cisco SLA monitors can do many many more things than just determine  
response times and jitter by way of ICMP echo. They can be used to  
perform DNS/HTTP/FTP queries etc, and some other generic operations.

  has a list of supported operations, and their associated  
configuration guides.

You might not be able to download a large file and record stats about  
the speed it came down at etc, but something like that could be  
knocked up with some scripts quite easily.


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