[AusNOG] Fixes to the IPv6 survey script

Marco Antonio To marcoto at galileo.edu
Wed Dec 24 02:28:02 EST 2008


Could you add our NREN and our University to your page? It would be nice to appear in it.

Guatemalan Research and Education Network (RAGIE) ragie.org.gt

Galileo University- Guatemala - galileo.edu

RAGIE will be IPv6 ready in the next couple of months, Galileo is ready now.

Best and Happy Holidays to all!

Marco Antonio To
Director Area Telecomunicaciones
Director Ingeniería en Telecomunicaciones
Universidad Galileo
Vice-Presidente RAGIE.-

P.S. Still working in your feedback from some weeks ago in routing problems in IPv6, we're investigating the issues with redclara's NOC and NEG.

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Subject: Fixes to the IPv6 survey script

I have made some fixes to the script that generates the tables on the
IPv6 Survey page.

It can now follow HTTP redirects, as long as they stay with HTTP and
don't switch to HTTPS (or anything else for that matter :-)

This means that a number of the sites that were previously listed as
PARTIAL will now get SUCCESS (except VT.EDU who change to FAIL since
www.ipv6.vt.edu redirects to www.vt.edu and it doesn't have a AAAA

The page <http://www.mrp.net/IPv6_Survey.html> should update in a few
hours once the script runs again.

Additions to the list to test welcome.


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