[AusNOG] Cisco 3G WIC with Australian 3G providers?

Paul Brooks paul at vocus.com.au
Fri Dec 19 10:48:34 EST 2008

Skeeve Stevens wrote:
> Hey all,
> I have a customer with a site emergency... some retarded fellow at 
> Commander Centre put through an order which cut off a customers DSL 
> service (converted it to OnRamp).  It is outside Sydney and I am not 
> exactly sure what 3G coverage is there... I will investigate that 
> later, but I am suspecting NextG or Optus only.
> But that said.  Does anyone have any experience using the new Cisco 
> 881 with 3G or a 1841 with 3G WIC card... and.. what 3G providers have 
> worked or miserably failed.
> I do know that NextG has massive inbound restrictions, so using it for 
> a temporary mail gateway is not going to work.. too many application 
> gateways or something... but in this case the customer would be doing 
> an outbound IPSEC or PPTP (normal Tunnels need source/destination IP's).
> Anyone got any thoughts?  If I figure this out, I would probably keep 
> the kit in our library for emergency situations like this.
Skeeve - along with all the other suggestions, we have used the Netcomm 
3G wireless router to good effect as a 'office connection in a box' 
while we waited for a wired connection to be installed.


This plus a standard 3G expresscard (or USB now as well) dongle that you 
would normally use with a laptop worked well.

All the best....


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