[AusNOG] Cisco 3G WIC with Australian 3G providers?

Barrie Hall barrie at mypond.net
Thu Dec 18 13:53:43 EST 2008

Cisco 3G WIC with Australian 3G providers?
  Hey all,

  I have a customer with a site emergency. some retarded fellow at Commander Centre put through an order which cut off a customers DSL service (converted it to OnRamp).  It is outside Sydney and I am not exactly sure what 3G coverage is there. I will investigate that later, but I am suspecting NextG or Optus only.

  But that said.  Does anyone have any experience using the new Cisco 881 with 3G or a 1841 with 3G WIC card. and.. what 3G providers have worked or miserably failed.

  I do know that NextG has massive inbound restrictions, so using it for a temporary mail gateway is not going to work.. too many application gateways or something. but in this case the customer would be doing an outbound IPSEC or PPTP (normal Tunnels need source/destination IP's).

  Anyone got any thoughts?  If I figure this out, I would probably keep the kit in our library for emergency situations like this.


First declaring an obvious bias (I work for Telstra), the BigPond Wireless Broadband product uses exactly the same NextG network but you are provided with a live public IP address with no incoming restrictions. You are restricted from sending on port 25 (smart hosting through mail.bigpond.com solves that), otherwise you will be good to go. Static IP is not offered on the BP WBB product at this time.


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