[AusNOG] Cisco 3G WIC with Australian 3G providers?

Tony td_miles at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 18 12:12:55 EST 2008


I haven't used the Cisco gear, but we have some of these kicking around for just such emergencies:

I've tried it and it works with Telstra NextG, Optus 3G & 3 Mobile 3G services.

The device is quite simple, you put a SIM card in it and it connects to the Internet and it does NAT, etc. 

It has a PPTP client built in that we use to tunnel back to the customer WAN.

Last time I used it (unfortunately it was less than a month ago, the occurences you speak of are all too frequent) speedtest showed speeds of about 3000/350k with Optus 3G card and 2500/300k with 3 Mobile SIM card.

Things I'd suggest you need to be aware of:
1. It's easiest if the SIM card doesn't have a PIN number set on it.
2. Some carriers require you to use the correct APN. From my experience Optus don't care, Telstra & 3 require an APN (whirlpool is helpful to find these out).
3. Try it where you know you have coverage before you go onsite, just so that you know your problem isn't lack of coverage (although I'm sure I didn't need to tell you this).

Sorry I can't help you with Cisco 3G WIC specifics, that's on our list of things to look into purchasing, but as we already have the Call Direct devices it may not happen until there is a definite need for it.

Best of luck.


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> Hey all,
> I have a customer with a site emergency. some retarded
> fellow at Commander
> Centre put through an order which cut off a customers DSL
> service (converted
> it to OnRamp).  It is outside Sydney and I am not exactly
> sure what 3G
> coverage is there. I will investigate that later, but I am
> suspecting NextG
> or Optus only.
> But that said.  Does anyone have any experience using the
> new Cisco 881 with
> 3G or a 1841 with 3G WIC card. and.. what 3G providers have
> worked or
> miserably failed.
> I do know that NextG has massive inbound restrictions, so
> using it for a
> temporary mail gateway is not going to work.. too many
> application gateways
> or something. but in this case the customer would be doing
> an outbound IPSEC
> or PPTP (normal Tunnels need source/destination IP's).
> Anyone got any thoughts?  If I figure this out, I would
> probably keep the
> kit in our library for emergency situations like this.
> .Skeeve
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