[AusNOG] Tiny Load Balancers in Australia.

Aaron Weller // Crucial Paradigm aaron at crucialp.com
Tue Aug 5 15:18:04 EST 2008

Hey Sean,

Have you thought of using of using LVS, this is a fairly cheap solution 
and can easily push 300mbps+ on a Dual Xeon 3.0ghz/4GB RAM/2 x 1gbit NIC.

The only downside is they require a bit more to manage, and no fancy 
management interface. I do believe you can setup fail-over, however have 
not had any experience in doing this.


Sean K. Finn wrote:
> Hi All,
> I’m pulling my hair out trying to find two **tiny** load balancers for 
> a remote server installation to balance IP traffic / http requests to 
> two web servers.
> Does anyone know a local Australian source of entry-level load balancers?
> At most I’d need to balance between 10mbps to 100mbps between two 
> servers.
> IPv4 is fine.
> What I’m really after is a unit that has vrrp or something like it so 
> the units have their own failover capability if one dies, plus the 
> necessary traffic direction between two servers. (nothing fancy 
> required session wise on the load balancers, just pure traffic 
> redirection).
> This is an excercise in application redundancy and not necessarily 
> performance.
> (Vendors please note: Feel free to post off list, vendor offers 
> welcome, but if you want to take me on the three week hump me and dump 
> me vendor dating trail, please don’t.
> I need this gear ASAP and don’t want to fork out 20 to 40 grand for 
> two ‘entry level’ 750mbps units as they are overkill, neither do I 
> want you to take me to lunch and build a relationship before you give 
> me pricing.
> I need something tiny but dependable, and I need to get the ball 
> rolling ASAP)
> If anyone has any recommendations for gear-to-purchase or 
> alternatively a software solution on server-based hardware, I’m all ears.
> Best Regards,
> Sean.
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